"Registering online is now the easiest, no queues, no delays; you can use it from home, even on the weekend, 24 hours."

"It's the best way to streamline the process and make it easier for the person to register."

"Our Software is an excellent tool for managing online and site registration making the process easier for the participants."

"It will make the process as simple, to finally have the free time needed for other projects."

"It's the easiest way to register, no queues, no waiting, even on weekends."

Event Registration... a Solution

If you are thinking of organizing an event, congress, expo or symposium, let us give you an efficient answer to that question you have surely asked yourself, “How do I register all my participants?”

You will be surprised to know that in the vast majority of events the data bases only serve as decoration after the event, and what is worse, don’t have a register of participants or make you do it manually or on paper.

We are in the digital age where technology can help us considerably to be able to act with speed and efficiency.

That is why we have developed a solution to make this task easier, so that you have all the information on the participants at your fingertips in real time.

The vast majority of people who take part in an event have a positive predisposition towards the theme of the event and this also includes products and related services; if you don’t follow up you are simply not taking advantage of this potential income.

Having up to date information on all of your participants enables you to:

  • Begin your registration prior to the event.
  • Correctly estimate the cost of the material you will use during the event.
  • Generate a reliable list of all your participants with the details you need.
  • Follow up after the event and send information to the attendees.