• Available whenever needed before the event and even at weekends.
  • Know how many participants are registered in real time.
  • Increases the number of participants since they can register from the comfort of their home or office.
  • Be confident that you will never lose information on your participants.
  • Registration form editor.
  • Limit the number of entrance passes per category.
  • Bar code system.

Register Online

On site registration is a package of high added value services aimed at helping you enjoy the event and leave the logistical tasks to us.

  • Server with our Easy Record System.
  • Pre-registration consulting and support (On-site and on-line).
  • Analysis and logistics for operating the Registration service.
  • Computer equipment set up.
  • Local area network and software installation.
  • Operated by trained staff.
  • Signage in common areas, modules, displays, etc.
  • Photo I.D., printing, bar codes, intelligent chips, etc.
  • Handing over of formats, badges, material, etc.
  • Graphics and statistics.
  • Speed and efficiency.